Cheiftec Dragon Full Tower Case
Motherboard: MSI K7N420D (Socket A - nForce 420D chipset w/ soundmax CNR Riser)
AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (oc@1700+[1478mz])
MSI GeForceFX TD128 Video Card (128mb/dual header/tv out)
ADI Microscan 17" Monitor (primary)
Phillips Brilliance 17a Monitor (secondary)
Logitech M-BJ69 Optical Wheel Mouse
768MB of DDR Ram
100GB HDD Space (local)
40GB HDD Space (network)
4x dvd-r/w drive
56x cdrom drive
80mm front fan, 80mm back fan, Aeroflow Alum/Copper Heatsink.
MLi-130 speakers
JL Audio Competition 12" (4ohm/200w) Sub in custom box mated to a Triad powered subwoofer amp (70w@8ohm/140w@4ohm)

Pictures, other shit. (When I get that far)











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